Bus to Keelung

Taiwan 20:04, May 24, 2015

20:04, May 24, 2015

9 Comments on “Bus to Keelung

  1. wow – 7-11’s are all over the world! and I Really like the lights in this photo – esp. the red

    • There are over 3000 7-11s in Taiwan. People give directions in Taiwan by 7-11s. For example “turn left at the next 7-11 go past two 7-11 and turn right….

      • oh wow – that is a crazy amount – I had not idea. And here in the states – well you know we have our share too – even though I think a store called wa-wa is taking the place of some 7-11s – hm

      • oh wow – that is so interesting. I think the 7-11 really was cool for a long time – everything form coffee, lottery tickets – and a fresh banana any time of day – ha

      • True you can also buy clothes, pay parking fees, utility bills, order and pickup train tickets, etc. etc etc

      • ha! well for a few years we used our local 7-11 when we needed few dollars not he way to places – they give cash back and it was faster than the bank and cheaper than an ATM – so we would go in and buy a banana and get 10 dollars back – but I am not sure if you can pay bills at the 7-11’s here – maybe… but I know they sell lottery tickets – and lots of them ha!

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