Southern Pacific Cab Forward 4394, California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CA, USA June 26, 2015

Drives from the Southern Pacific Cab Forward 4294 Locomotive, California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CA, USA
June 26, 2015

21 Comments on “Drivers

      • Me too, though I’ve not been in the mood for photography recently. Haven’t been near a steam railway for ages. Must rectify that.

      • Oh, that’s really great Tim, would love to visit. Thanks.
        Actually preparing to visit North India in October with a couple of friends. Would love to visit Yellowstone and the Rockies and the desert, and, well just about everywhere!

      • There is a lot to see. The west coast can consume a tremendous amount of time with fantastic photo opportunities. I may be going to India in 2017 but still very up in the air.
        So pack your bags and come visit.

      • I’ve always steered clear of visiting under the, perhaps, mistaken impression that it’s too expensive….maybe I am picking up the Scots way with money. Then I think of all the opportunities, like following in the footsteps of Ansel Adams…..

      • Oh yes. The Eastern Sierra is a wonderful place to photograph. I’m planning to return there this fall. I’ll probably go with a group. I’ll try to remember to send you the photographer’s site. Doing this from my iPhone.

      • Wow, Tim, you’re going to get some fabulous shots. The cost seems extremely reasonable, and only a few tagging along which means you’re going to get to know folk as well.

      • That’s my impression as well. One of the photo club members have gone on workshops with him and I thought I’d ask his reaction. Lance seems to do this Yosemite trip every year. Think about attending.

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