Bucked Off

Russian River Rodeo and Parade Duncan Mills, California, USA June 28, 2015

Russian River Rodeo and Parade
Duncan Mills, California, USA
June 28, 2015

22 Comments on “Bucked Off

  1. You work for AP, right? If not, you should. You’re that good. Or National Geograhic? Great action shots!


    • Cris, thank you for the complements but no just seem to catch the images. It helps to have the continuous firing for the shutter on. This is the last bucking image.


  2. My, my. Yet another Cartier-Bresson moment! Everything is lined up amazingly in this photo. From your angle it even kind of looks like that unlucky cowpoke is holding up the horse on his wrist. Killer image.


  3. All your rodeo pics are great Tim. Would love to see some tight crops on them, they would have amazing impact. Not many rodeos in Scotland!


    • Thank you John. I’ll take a look at these and see how cropping will improve them. Bucked Off got a 2nd place at the Santa Rosa Photographic Society monthly competition in the category of Journalism.
      Thanks again, your critical comments are always appreciated.


      • You may have to remind me as right now I’m up to my …. in new images and more will come from the workshop I’ll be taking tomorrow and the next day on “Night Photography”. The Forest Service road will reopen tomorrow takes you out to the Cascade Headlands to photograph in the morning before the sun and ocean creates too much mist. I’ll be shooting to the South. Here is the coordinates for the location. 45.056332, -124.003339 Try the Google Earth View.


      • Thanks Tim, as yet I haven’t been on my iMac to check Google Earth, but, night photography, and the stars reflected in the ocean……wow.


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