Rebels Marching to Battle

Civil War Reenactment, 8th Louisiana Infantry Regiment, Calico Ghost Town, California, U.S.A. February 15, 2016

Civil War Reenactment, 8th Louisiana Infantry Regiment, Confederate States of America, Calico Ghost Town, California, U.S.A. – February 15, 2016

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    • Thank you.
      I’m waiting word from a fellow photo club member who is responsible for interpreting the Northern California Photography Clubs’ rules on submitting an image for competition with split tones in the Journalism category. I hoping ones like this one and others you’ve scene will be okay, if not then maybe into the pictorial category.


      • Thank you. The Santa Rosa Photographic Society has a monthly competition judged by outside and highly qualified people. I enter three images in distinct categories – Pictorial, Nature, Travel, Journalism, Creative. Pictorial, Nature and Creative and in one month and Pictorial, Travel and Journalism is the next. If you get judged 1st, 2nd or 3rd the image goes on to District. By competing it keeps me challenge and comments made by the judges can be helpful. I’d encourage photographers to submit their work for judging. It can be frustrating but it also can be insightful.


    • When I talked with one of the soldiers he said that there were a lot of reenactors present on Saturday and Sunday but many went home because they didn’t have President’s Day off. It could have been those represented the 8th were not present. If my memory is correct, Louisiana had the only black soldiers fighting for the South.


      • Depends on who you read. The Union army had some 160,000 Black troops. But, most were non combatants. Various historians say that Confederate Black troops numbered from anywhere from 300 to 30,000. I tend the believe the lower number given what Confederate troops were fighting for. That would also mean that it is likely they all came from LA.


  1. Whether acceptable in the journalisme category or not, I am convinced that the duo-tone adds substantially to the feel of the time. One would expect a picture from those days to look (or have looked) that way. But it is a nice capture whatever the category. Lots of succes with it.


    • Jim, thank you. As it turns out, the Journalism category is very strict. I can turn the image into b&w or sepia and keep within the rules. A vignette is also allowed if it is subtle. I could submit this style of image in the Pictorial category that allows anything.


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