A Mojave Sunset – HDR Version

Mojave, California, U.S.A. February 23, 2016

Four Images Combined into a Single HDR Image – Mojave, California, U.S.A. – February 23, 2016

17 Comments on “A Mojave Sunset – HDR Version

    • Yes it can be but the advantages when shooting such high contrasty images is well worth it. Fortunately Lightroom and Photoshop have good HDR processing modules.
      Thanks for commenting. I hope you’re well and there are no negative lasting effects from Carnival.


      • I never saw any advantage to it.:) The eye doesn’t see in HDR, and if you get rid of those Adobe products, you’ll make this correction in one easy go. I’m fine. I was fine a couple of days later. We do this every year… except for the next coming years. 18 years of heavy road construction in our neighborhood will be quite enough.


      • The choices aren’t all the same. Processing a picture in Lightroom or Photoshop is like using an axe for surgery. Since I switched to Phase One, I’ve liked the highlights much more — very creamy — and you tend to avoid the deadly purple fringe in back lit situations. Oh yeah, the shadows are a little more open too.

        Our construction is stupid. Some sections of street and streetcar track will ultimately be opened and repaired three times to do different kinds of work… because the funding didn’t come through at the same time.

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