Sunset in Black and White

Lancaster, California, U.S.A. March 8, 2016

Lancaster, California, U.S.A. March 8, 2016

18 Comments on “Sunset in Black and White

    • Thanks, Jim. Antelope Valley in Southern California is part of the Mojave Desert. The mountains that surround the valley keep lots of rain to the edge the western mountains. The clouds build up into beautiful images.


    • John, I’m pleased to do so. I use Lightroom CC/6 then NIK filters. The filters in NIK’s Color Efex Pro 4 are Detail Extractor, Glamour Glow and Paper Toner. I have found that NIK meets my needs along with many of the presets that come with Lightroom. Let me know if you would like more detail.
      Also thanks for your comments.


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    • This was just the right time. I’d missed the intense sunlight on a mountain and then I turned right and this might have been better than the mountain.


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