Napa County Landscape

Napa County, California, U.S.A. March 20, 2016

Silverado Trial, Napa County, California, U.S.A. – March 20, 2016

20 Comments on “Napa County Landscape

    • Cris, it is especially this time of year with the rain we are finally getting. I live in Sonoma County on the other side of the hills. It too is beautiful but Napa has more open space. Come visit and enjoy the fantastic wines of both Napa and Sonoma Counties.


  1. You have certainly captured a beautifully dramatic sky in this shot, it’s set off perfectly by the green of the fields. The framing is marvellous as well, with the branches on the right of the frame and that splash of red on the barn at left.


  2. Love that dramatic sky! Swung by the SF area some years back, and wow is it gorgeous. Having a bit of a drought right now right?


    • Nickole, thank you. We are experiencing a lot more rain this winter but the ground water remains very low with many wells remaining dry. We hope for more rain.


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