Xilou, Taiwan April 09, 2016

Xilou, Taiwan April 09, 2016

14 Comments on “Watching

    • Thank you so much. It does seem that I’ve been traveling a bit. These projects in Taiwan are more work oriented although I do get some individual shooting done.

    • Thank you. Yes, I seem to be doing that. Next week we had to Bali where my wife has a short term artist residency. I’m looking for some rest and personal photography.

      • Thank you.
        The automatic spell changing is driving me crazy. Solutions: slow down and and check for corrections, turn it off, or just throw up my hands and give up in disappear (there is goes again). End result, “I can’t spell.”

    • Sherry, thank you. I happened to notice this man looking out the area above his door. He lived in a house that looked like a wreck.

    • Richard, thank you.
      I’m not sure the magical would fit. The statement above his door is the center of three parts that go around a door to celebrate the Chinese New Year is, “Four Seasons Safe and Sound.” He was not quite sound of mind. The scene was a bit disturbing with his mumbling and being incoherent.

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