Holding Together

Seen in Cheng-long Village Kohou Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan April 25, 2016

Seen in Cheng-long Village Kohou Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan April 25, 2016

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    • Jim, yes. This caught my attention. Sometimes he is pulling a trailer to collect the junk/recycles. This is Cheng-long Village in Taiwan where I’ve been for the last 22 days.
      I try to include the location and the date of the shoot in the caption to the image.


  1. Amazing. The original ‘Rent a Wreck’? Really looks like it’s held together with chewing gum and bailing wire. Do the wheels wobble?


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    • Stephen, thank you. If you look closely he has a portrait of a women. That is the new president of Taiwan. He is definitely a supporter of the Democratic Progressive Party that in the past has promoted the independence of Taiwan. That does not make China very happy. We’ll see how that progresses.

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  3. When I saw this picture, I knew you must be back in Taiwan. And I was right!

    Great shot! This picture is so out of the ordinary that it is extraordinary. I actually love how all the layers of imperfection rings through in the picture. I have seen my fair share my interesting vehicles in Taiwan, but this one is by far the most unique. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Constance,
      Thank you. I too really like this vehicle. He lives in a village near Cheng-long Village. If you’ll notice, he has a picture of the new Taiwan President Tsai, Ing Wen.
      I hope you are well and anticipating well the future birth of your child.
      If you get up to Kee-long, Jane and I’ll be doing a project with the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology from May 12 to June 6. Send me an email and I’ll give you my Taiwan phone. It would be great to meet you and your husband.


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