Keelung City Harbor, Keelung City, Taiwan May 19, 2016

Keelung City Harbor, Keelung City, Taiwan May 19, 2016

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      • I had a look at the link – this is fantastic! I wish it was closer “by” for a visit when the exhibit opens. They could do something like this here with the delicate mountain ecosystem as a focus. Your wife’s work is especially interesting as I finished a graduate programe in museum studies a few years ago. Great work and thank you for sending on the link! 🙂


      • I’m pleased that you liked what Jane is doing and Jane appreciates it as well. She does this type of project all over the world either as a curator or as an artist in residence. I have the privilege of traveling with her and documenting the projects.
        I’m curious having directed small museums for almost 20 years, where did you take your Masters in Museum Studies?

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      • Jane has really done an amazing thing! I completed my graduate degree in Museum Education and Visitor Studies with the University of Leicester in the UK (the same department of Museum Studies, which recently found Richard III under their parking lot!).

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