Wanamingo Engine #1

Light Painting at Stoke Ranch Old Redwood Highway, Wanamingo, CA, U.S.A. July 20, 2016

Light Painting at Stoke Ranch Old Redwood Highway, Wanamingo, CA, U.S.A. July 20, 2016 

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23 Comments on “Wanamingo Engine #1

    • Jesse, thank you. It was getting a bit cold after 10:30 so after a productive night of light painting with my friend, Rawls, we called it quits.

      • I wish it was getting cold at night here. Love this shot though. Happy shooting!

      • Maybe switching places for a couple of nights might work. Then again, I’ll just add another coat, scarf, hat, gloves…..

      • Where are you that is that cold right now? I would prefer that to the heat we have

      • I didn’t realize it was that chilly there in the summer. I will be in LA next week. Still hot but without the humidity of the Carolinas thank god.

      • The LA area is much warmer. Yes, I know the Carolinas and the South. I once lived in Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana.

      • I grew up in New Hampshire but have spent the last 10 or so years on the south. My wife is from Los Angeles so we go out there at least once or twice a year. I miss the mild weather of the north though. And the scenery.

      • My son lives in Boston and we’re headed there in August. I’m not looking forward to the humidity. Lots of many positive things there for a photographer. Have fun in LA.

      • Thanks. I love Boston. Miss that city. I plan on having a blast in LA and taking plenty of photos. Enjoy Boston!

      • No problem. That is a beautiful photo. I want to try one of these night sky exposures some day. Have to find somewhere dark enough first. Safe travels!

      • Thank you. There is an app for dark skies that can give the information. I use it to try to find suitable places. Fire Island has too much light pollution from New York City and Long Island. Even so the location was able to product the image. Go for it but dress warmly.

  1. Very nice, Tim. Love the detail you pulled out with the light painting. We’re lucky to be on the cool west coast considering the oppressive heat “dome” that is taking over most of the country this week.

  2. Turned out very nice, Tim! Like how you were able to ‘tame’ the bright lights on the gas pumps. Well done! (BTW, have not had a moment to get my images out of the camera – hey, the chilly weather, molasses in Jan. effect, that’s slowpoke me 😦 Sometime soon, I hope.)

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