Sacramento, CA, U.S.A. November 11, 2016

Sacramento, CA, U.S.A. November 11, 2016

12 Comments on “Bugged

  1. Such detail. From 1/40 sec at approx. 200mm (35mm equivalent). I am assuming hand held, too! The light on the transparent wings and the colors are great as well. Very impressive, Tim.


    • Thank you, Rawls. Yes it was handheld. Trying to keep things in focus when on a tripod is more challenging. I’ve found that moving the camera forward and then back from the flower seems to work best when trying to focus. The depth of field is always a challenge. As you know, the more light you have the greater possibility of more depth of field. The other advantage I have is that the Tamron lens I’m using has a 5 way stabilization system. This really helps hold down shake.


      • You’re welcome, Tim. Was the ring light you were using in flash mode or continuous mode? If in flash mode, any idea how fast the flash is? Thanks.


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