Security Guard Looking Over the Sculpture by Richard Serra, “Silence” forged steel is 29.5′ x 9′ x 2′ weighs 80 tons. Gagosian Galley, 522 West 21st St, New York - September 16, 2016

Security Guard Looking Over the Sculpture by Richard Serra, “Silence” forged steel is 29.5′ x 9′ x 2′ weighs 80 tons. Gagosian Galley, 522 West 21st St, New York – September 16, 2016

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10 Comments on ““Silence”

  1. This poor guard looks as if he has been trapped by the massive monolith. Perhaps a prelude to an odyssey a la 2001 😉

    • Well it’s massive. He also asked if I wanted him to move. Gagosian every 2 or 3 years has an exhibition of Serra’s sculpture. I look forward to them. The next visit to SFMOMA I want to take a closer look at Serra’s massive sculptures.

  2. I love museum and gallery shots, Tim. This is terrific! I am enjoying the massive Serra in the new SFMoMa addition. I walked through the one in Bilbao and got dizzy! 🙂

    • Thank you Jane. I do enjoy visiting museums. I don’t think this is published but I directed smaller museums for almost 20 years. Fundraising drove me away. I still enjoy visiting museums and galleries. Here is one published photo you might enjoy from 2014 https://allentimphotos2.wordpress.com/2014/09/11/weekly-photo-challenge-visual-adventure-at-the-museum-of-modern-art/ The the unintentional mimicking colors and shapes caught my eye.

      Serra’s work is massive. Gagosian Gallery had to take out entire wall to get Serra’s work in the building. He’s getting too old to do the work himself. He does the design an then they are fabricated.

      Your punished images of Andy Goldsworthy’s work in the Presidio tends to show his massive work but has a much elongated and lighter feeling, of course. I think he too is designing but not out in the field installing.

      Thanks again for you positive comments.

  3. Peggy’s sister Jane just visited MoMa and raved about it. It has been far too long since I have been there. Another great perspective shot. –Curt

    • Thank you Curt. You really need to go. MOMA and other modern museums are worth seeing. The one in San Francisco with its new additions is a must see.

      • That’s what Jane said in terms of the new addition. I was interested to learn of your history with art museums. –Curt

      • Hi Curt,
        I spent my time directing small museums with less than half a dozen staff members. Everyone wears many hats. I started in a general museum in Georgia and then moved to an art center in Louisiana and then built a 27,000 sq ft art center in Florida. I finished with children’s museums in New York State. All were great fun until the demand for fundraising went from about 25% to 75% of my time. Fortunately, a part time position opened in a nearby community college and I took that. Within six months my wife Jane Ingram Allen received a Fulbright and we moved to Taiwan.
        Thanks for your interest.

      • Very interesting, Tim. I worked for health and environmental non-profits for years both from and Executive Director and Community Activist perspective. So I know a bit about fundraising myself. –Curt

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