Santa Rosa Creek Slowly Returning to Its Banks After Heavy Rains. Santa Rosa, CA, U.S.A. January 13, 2017

Santa Rosa Creek Along Occidental Road Slowly Returning to Its Banks After Heavy Rains. Santa Rosa, CA, U.S.A. January 13, 2017

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12 Comments on “Flooded

    • It is. Since California has been in a long term drought the water is good. Now less than 34% of the state is in drought. It still will take more of the storms that we had to replenish the ground water. It’s a good start.
      Fortunately, only a few people were flooded out of their homes and businesses.
      Thanks for asking.


  1. Sad to here that people were affected…..but your photography is stunning…..blue and orange, complementary and with a lovely clarity. Love the square on angle and format.


    • John, thank you. This was a day or two after the rains had ended. The water was now lower to see the markers going out along the submerged road. This was pano of 4 or 5 shots. To get above the large fence, not shown, I used a folding stool that I keep in my trunk or is that boot. That stool often comes in handy.


  2. Great shot. Looks like a lot of what I’ve been seeing lately. Today I drove over the causeway between Sacramento and Davis. It looked like a huge lake. If I could only stop and get out my camera!


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