Point Bonita Lighthouse

Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Marin Headlands, California, U.S.A. June 3, 2017

Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Marin Headlands, California, U.S.A. June 3, 2017

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16 Comments on “Point Bonita Lighthouse

    • Rawls, thank you. One of the nice things about Lightroom is that you can select various Camera Calibrations. In this case I used to Camera Landscape to increase the saturation.

    • This Headland area is interesting with outstanding views. Sorry to hear you’re not traveling. Are you done with your travel to Portland?

      • I’m temporarily busy back in Germany, traveling for a day to Cairo next week. Will be back in Portland plenty time in June, July, August…..

      • Marcus, I hope that you’re spending time with your family.
        A day trip to Cairo sounds fascinating. I’ve not been to that part of the world. Turkey was the closest.
        I’m glad that you’ll be returning to Portland. Maybe we can meet. Jane is scheduled to teach a class at the Sitka Center for the Art July 24 and 25. It is located near Lincoln City on the central Oregon coast. Here is the link to here blog. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/15316047/posts/1484958287

      • Hey Tim, to meet would be so cool. According to my schedule (can always change) I’ll be in Portland those days in July 🙂 ! Let’s keep this on the radar! And yes, I’m happy to spend a few weeks in a row at home with the family 🙂 ! Marcus

  1. Love how the foreground speaks of massive height. That brilliant blue sky is amazing. You even captured a bird which is a lovely touch. Stunning photo, Tim. ❤

    • Olga, thank you. Lighthouses seem to be very appealing. When there are birds in the air I’ve learned to wait until they are in the picture before snapping the shot. This also seems to work with people in the picture if they are in the right place.

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