Students from the Coffee Plantation Greet Me Near Arusha, Tanzania February 8, 2008

Students from the Coffee Plantation School Greet Me – Near Arusha, Tanzania February 8, 2008


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      • Curt, thank you. This school is supported by a company that proves unique high end tent resorts in key safari areas in Tanzania.
        I must have missed the information on your book. Please fill me in.


      • I wrote it about my experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia, Tim. It’s titled “The Bush Devil Ate Sam,” and is available on Amazon. –Curt


      • I just borrowed it from Hoopla through my local library. I’ll to read between textbooks, essays, and discussions. I’m teaching American History post Civil War for a community college in New York State.


      • It’s a fast read, Tim. And I am impressed with your teaching assignment. My bookshelves are full of history books. In fact, one of my Peace Corps assignments was teaching African history to high school students. –Curt


      • Teaching African history to Africa high school students must have been a mutual teaching process. When in Taiwan I taught ESL to university students. After the first semester, I never taught freshman again. The department assigned only teachers who could speak Chinese and English.


      • A slight challenge, I’m sure, Tim. The Chinese.
        As it turned out, I taught the first African History course in any Liberian high school. My major at Berkeley was in International Relations but it was focused on Africa. The students had a knowledge of Liberian history but it was primarily Americo-Liberian History. –Curt


      • Being first is always a challenge particularly for those that are following.
        Three of my students have no background in American history. That is good and bad. Good they have not been influenced by poor teachers and bad because they don’t have basic background from which to work.


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