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Street Seller Ubud, Bali, Indonesia May 7, 2016

Street Seller – Ubud, Bali, Indonesia May 7, 2016


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10 Comments on “I’m Part of ….

    • It is significantly different from our first visit in 2009 and when we went in 2016. Ubud had turned from an enjoyable place to visit with some tourism to solid tourists. I have no plans to return.
      I did get some great photo opportunities with the funeral of one of the Ubud Royal family member and a traditional wedding in the interior near the volcano that is currently erupting.
      Yes, on the Starbucks.


      • I’d like to take Peggy, but my first trip was so magical, I know there is no way to repeat it. The funeral must have been fascinating. I still have art hanging on my walls that I bought in Ubud. –Curt


      • Some impressive photos there, Tim. And I agree, funeral pyres are something I need to see.
        When I was in Bali with my first wife, Dutch artists had taught a number of Balinese artists to paint and they were creating some very impressive work. Their homes were their studios. –Curt


      • It seems as if art is an integral part of the Balinese. We were able to visit a shadow puppet maker that did some terrific work. We purchased a number of puppets from him.


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