Western Napa Valley

Late Afternoon CA Hwy 116, Napa County, CA, U.S.A. February 9, 2018

Late Afternoon – CA Hwy 116, Napa County, CA, U.S.A. February 9, 2018


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11 Comments on “Western Napa Valley

  1. Lovely view, Tim. I do find all of the paraphernalia located on top of so many of our beautiful hills and mountains to be distracting, however. Darn modern communication systems. That’s something Ansel Adams didn’t have to deal with! 🙂 –Curt


    • Curt, this issue of com towers was a debate I was having with my wife. I decided to leave it in for realistic purposes. I’m inclined to take artistic license with something like that.


      • Once in a while I like to leave them in, or at least take a photo that includes them, partially for reality and partially for story line. Given all of the military installations out in Nevada, it’s hard to find a mountain without any.


      • This a dilemma. Am I documenting or creating an artistic image? Maybe both. I definitely removed some bushes that were on the edge. They were distracting as well.


      • Cropping is one of the most valuable tools I have in my photo processing programs, Tim. (grin) I think that even documentation benefits from a bit of artistry. (Maybe not in a how-to manual.)


      • I would agree on cropping. I hear jurors at the photo club I belong to advise strongly about cropping. One of the wises statements made was “If a part of your image benefits keep it, if not, crop it.” The juror went on say that keep cropping until you’ve got it right.
        One of the categories that we have for jurying is Journalism. We can crop but not remove items with in the image. If I were to enter this image in that category (I would not) I’d have to keep the towers unless I could crop it out. Cropping out the towers would change the entire picture.


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