Walking Over

Pedestrian Bridge Off of Northern Hwy 2, Taiwan May 29, 2016

– Pedestrian Bridge Off of Northern Hwy 2, Taiwan May 29, 2016.

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13 Comments on “Walking Over

  1. Hey Tim, May I ask you a question? I’ve been thinking about using Smugmug to sell my work that I publish on Storyteller. How did you price your work?


    • Hi Ray, sorry to get back to you late. I kept thinking about the pricing and it was from various websites. I can’t remember specifically, Smugmug does have a user group and they did have some suggestions and links. I’d start there. I know I chose to have the entire sales process include framing and other options. To do that you select one of their printers. In my case it is Bay Photo in Santa Crus. They have an excellent reputation but a bit pricy. I hope that is helpful.

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      • Yes and no. I’ve noticed that a lot of photographers seem to be selling pictures for their printing costs. I wonder where you add whatever you want to charge for the picture.


      • I believe that there is percentage that is used. Smugmug has a very good support system. You can either do an email to their support staff or have a written conversation with them when they on line. You might want to try that.


      • I’ll have to figure it out. I rarely sell a picture for the wall that is less than $250.00. If someone wanted to license an image for professional use, that’s a whole other story. Given that Smugmug takes a piece of that, we all have to account for it.


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