Sunset Over the Artesa Winery Vineyards

Arista Winery @AristWinery Henry Road, Napa County, CA January 27, 2019

– Arista Winery @Artesa, Henry Road, Napa County, CA. January 27, 2019.

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14 Comments on “Sunset Over the Artesa Winery Vineyards

      • Photoshop has huge offering for photo processing. It tends to intimidate me as it seems to have very specific steps. I forget some of them and then have to relearn. Lightroom seem to be very modular and allows to change your work flow to meet different situations. I keep threatening to learn more of Photoshop but….


      • I tend to hang out in Photoshop Elements and keep it simple. Part of that derives from just having so darn many photos to process.


      • I’ve never worked in Photoshop Elements. Having large numbers does play a factor in their processing. I’m kicking more out before I put them into Lr.


      • Kicking out, now there is the challenge. I usually start by eliminating the obvious. Then the hard work begins. There are usually at least a hundred photos for a 20 photo blog. Digital photography is both a boon and a bane! I’ve been going through around 12 years of Burning Man photos to delete some and categorize the others. There are thousands of them! –Curt

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