Taiwanese Street Seller of Candied Plums

Taiwanese Street Seller of Candied Plums

A Busy Street in Tamshui, North of Taipai City. Candied Plums Are a Favorite Snack in Taiwan.

10 Comments on “Taiwanese Street Seller of Candied Plums

    • Thank you Jim. Yes this was definitely pre-covid-19. I believe it was Chinese New Years and people were visiting the temple where I was standing. Hope you are safe and healthy.


  1. I’d say welcome back except I’ve been a bit missing as well. What struck me immediately about the photo (beyond the color) was the crowd. I’d be freaking out! –Curt


    • Thank you Curt. The the smoke from the wildfire has been driving me inside and it was also time to get back online. I hope you and your wife are safe from all the fires.


      • So far the fires are keeping their distance, Tim. I’m taking lots of photos of smoke, however. đŸ™‚ Others have not been so lucky, obviously. Glad to hear that you are safe for now. I know that fires continue to haunt your area. –Curt

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      • Excellent! We are seeing some improvements here in the North Bay but the Breezometer App’s map indicates a decrease in air quality later in the day. I think we have now been in the longest San Francisco Bay Area Spare The Air Day alerts with 30 days running. Not good.


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