Yes, Zero Gravity – Too Much!

Taken at the Napa County Town and Country Fair in Napa, California. The carnival/midway is done by Holm & Sons, a top notch midway provider.

10 Comments on “Yes, Zero Gravity – Too Much!

    • Thank you Curt. Since this ride is so tall it is difficult to get level with it. Since I photograph for Midway Magazine I do get some special benefits when photographing these carnivals. I’ve shot this ride from a Ferris wheel and caught it coming down at the same level as the wheel. I have that image somewhere but found it did not have the same sense of falling as this one does.


      • Fun to learn a bit more about you, Tim. Doing photography for Midway Magazine is a unique assignment. I can see where catching the ride would be challenging.
        On a slightly different, but related note, have you ever been to the Triangle Tattoo and Museum in Fort Bragg? The museum feature’s Captain Don Leslie who was a sword swallower and side show attraction at circuses. Very interesting. Given the history of carnivals it might make an interesting photo/op for Midway if it hasn’t been done. I found Madame Chinchilla s delight. Here’s the post I did on her tattoo parlor and museum: –Curt

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      • Working with Midway has been an excellent experience with visiting six six different midway companies. Many have similar rides but their management and personnel take on their own characteristics. I’ve met some really nice and interesting people. It’s unfortunate that with the coronavirus the fairs are all shut down here in California. One company, Butler Amusements was celebrating their 50th anniversary. They are the biggest in the area with three divisions. They do the California, Arizona and maybe the Oregon state fairs.
        I’ve not visited the Triangle Tattoo Museum. I’m not fond of tattoos as it seems as if you too don’t want them on your body. I may make a point of visiting the next time I’m in Fort Bragg.
        Your article was interesting. The carnivals used to be similar to circuses. The Napa Town and Country Fair in Napa, California has a small circus. No sword swallowers though.


      • Laughing. I’m not interested in tattoos either, Tim. I wouldn’t let one of those needles within ten feet of my body. I was curious about the museum idea, however. And I have a rather large curiosity! 🙂

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