Ford Tri-Motor

City of Port Clinton Ford Tri-Motor aircraft
The “City of Port Clinton” 5-AT-B Ford Tri-Motor airplane is based at Liberty Aviation Museum in Portage Township, Ohio. In 1925, Henry Ford, of the Ford Co., bought the Stout Metal Airplane Co., with the hopes of creating America’s first mass-produced airliners. The three-engined planes were all metal, and like Ford cars and tractors, they were well-designed, relatively inexpensive and reliable for the era. For more information link to the story in The Clinton Herald

Taken at the Sonoma County Airport, Santa Rosa, CA

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  1. I can add something fun to this photo, Tim. My wife, Peggy, was raised on the Island of Catawba which is right next to Port Clinton where she went to high school. Not only does Peggy remember flying out to the Islands on the City of Port Clinton, she told me that the plane had folding chairs that they would sit in and then buckle down. –Curt

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