Scrub Jay at the window feeder

Scrub jay at the feeder
I’ve set up my camera to capture birds as they come to eat. I’m using a cover over my lens to block out any reflection from the window.

3 Comments on “Scrub Jay at the window feeder

    • Yes, it would add to the natural nature of these birds. The camera lens is only about 5 inches from the edge of the feeder. This makes the depth of field a bit narrow but using Topaz Sharpening helps. I’d like better light but I don’t want to frighten the birds away.
      I’ve got some Tit Mouse coming to the feeder but they are very skittish. They land, grab and fly. We’ll see.


      • We have titmice that practice the same grab and run technique here. When you are competing with jays, it’s probably a good idea. Our chickadees and nuthatches use the same technique! While we have scrub jays here as well, Stellars make up the majority of our population. –Curt

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