Mustard, Trees and Vines in B&W

Black and White vineyard
This was the same image I posted yesterday. I would like your reaction to this B&W vs. the color image. Thank you.

10 Comments on “Mustard, Trees and Vines in B&W

  1. This one, the eye follows the fence toward the trees without being distracted, where as the colour one confuses my eye.
    The colour version would make a very good ‘large print’ the B&W works at any size.
    Just my two penn’orth.

    • David, thank you. I really appreciate you looking at the two photographs and choosing. Your comment about the wooden support structures are excellent. I agree. B&W simplifies. Again, thank you.

  2. My preference is the colour version. For me the contrast between the brown supports and vine-stems versus the yellows and greens gives depth to the picture. The eye follows the dark traces. In the B&W representation the luminance of wood, shrubs, vines and background are very (too ??) similar. For me this makes the picture looking a bit flat. Would a bit more (local) contrast make a difference?

    • Jim, thank you so much for your insightful comments. They have helped me focus my eye more closely on the issues that you raised. I did notice that the histogram for the B&W was missing quite a bit of highlights and I expanded them. It brightened the image. I’ll work on the selected contrast. Again, thank you.

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