Nesting Time

flying bird with stick
This snowy egret picked up this rather large stick and is flying it to its nest.

6 Comments on “Nesting Time

  1. This is an amazing shot! Makes me think of a ballerina, but encumbered with a large stick. Great capture!

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    • Thank you, Tina. This is a small bird and the stick seemed to be overwhelming. It spend some time picking up various sticks and dropping them. When it picked up this stick it seemed to me to be too big for it to take off. I was obviously wrong. You need to come to Santa Rosa to see these birds. There are great herons, snowy egrets, cow egrets, and night herons nesting in this rookery. They are well worth viewing. Although you are close to these birds nesting in the trees it helps to bring binoculars.


  2. This is a fantastic shot. I love the blue of the bird’s legs and beak and the contrasting orange of its feet. It also appears that the stick has buds on it. How in the world did you happen to capture this precise moment so beautifully?

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    • Thank you, Mike. My camera has the ability to set the shutter to continuously open and close very rapidly. This burst mode allows me to take about 15 photographs in about 5 seconds. Although most of the photos are not publishable I get a few that are. You need to come to Santa Rosa to see these birds nesting. Right now there are about 20 birds but in a few weeks there should be close to one hundred.


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