Don’t You Think the Manufacturer of this Safety Cone Did a Good Job in Matching the Color of My Legs?

A male Mallard duck in front of a orange safety cone.
The male mallard duck was photographed at Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rosa, California.


Great egret extending her wing over her hatchlings.
This is a similar photo published earlier. This one has the mother’s head turned to give her a greater connection to her hatchlings. This photo was taken at the W. 9th Street rookery, Santa Rosa, California.

results the Mating Ritual

two night herons mating
Following the mating ritual these two black crowned night herons mated. This photograph was taken at the 9th Street rookery, Santa Rosa, California

Mating Ritual

two night herons performing mating rituals
Two black crown night herons perform mating rituals that include touching beaks, and extending necks, and fluffing neck feathers. This photo was taken at the W. 9th Street rookery, Santa Rosa, California.

“I Want More Food!”

baby bird grabbing beak of its parent.
One of the hatchlings has grabbed its parent’s beak and seems to be demanding more food. The other parent is ready to fly away to leave the demanding baby to her mate. Photographed at the W. 9th Street rookery, Santa Rosa, California.

Testing Those Legs

Nestling testing its legs
Mama’s not looking as her hatchling is peering over the edge of the nest. It appears these babies are about two weeks old. Photo was taken at the W. 9th Street rookery in Santa Rosa, California.

Feeding Time

Great egret feeding a nestling
The father returned to the nest and began feeding one of the nestlings. Photographed at the W. 9th Street rookery, Santa Rosa, California.


Great Egret and two nestlings
A great egret and her two nestlings. Taken at the W. 9th St. rookery, Santa Rosa, California.


little flower with raindrops.
I found this little flower growing in some grass in one of my neighborhood parkways. The raindrops seemed to glisten, and the petals are translucent.


Garden Pansy
I photographed this garden pansy with raindrops using my iPhone RX while walking in my neighborhood.

Rain Drops

Red Rose with rain drops
Finally, Northern California is getting some rain. Its droplets enhance the beauty of the spring flowers found in people’s yards.

Song Bird

Grasshopper Sparrow singing
Grasshopper Sparrow singing its heart out at the Ellis Creek area, Petaluma, California


Two Canadian geese bathing in a pond.
Two Canada Geese bath in one of the ponds in the Ellis Creek area. Petaluma, California.

Touch Down

Canadian goose landing on water
A Canadian goose coming in for a landing at Ellis Creek, Petaluma, California.

Conflict, Welcome or I want your attention?

two birds
By watching cow egrets and other bird behaviors, it appears that these two may be paired and one is greeting the other after returning. Although, it does appear that one is ignoring the other.

Long Neck

Night heron extending its neck.
We normally don’t see night herons extending their necks. This one makes me realize that this species of herons do have long necks. Taken at the W. 9th St. rookery, Santa Rosa, California. To know more about the habits of this bird go to the Audubon website,

Returning to the Nest

bird flying with stick back to its nest
W. 9th St. rookery in Santa Rosa, California

Bird Behavior

bird aggression
This snowy egret has chased the other bird away and is now showing an aggressive stance.

A Pair of Great Egrets Greeting Each Other

W. 9th St. rookery in Santa Rosa, California


A Leaf found in my neighborhood
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