Conflict, Welcome or I want your attention?

two birds
By watching cow egrets and other bird behaviors, it appears that these two may be paired and one is greeting the other after returning. Although, it does appear that one is ignoring the other.

12 Comments on “Conflict, Welcome or I want your attention?

    • Thank you, John. Watching the activity in this rookery is very rewarding. Lots of birds to watch. Fortunately for the photographer, the main tree they are in seems to have less leaves and branches than in the past. It makes it easier to see the nests. I’m hoping when they begin to have nestlings it will be easier to catch the adult birds feeding their young. That maybe about five weeks in the future.

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  1. What another fantastic capture !!
    I bet this is a rewarding place to capture photos and the title of the post is so

    I bet it is “I want your attention “

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