Both Kicking

Cowboy having fallen off bucking bull.
Russian River Rodeo

6 Comments on “Both Kicking

    • John, thank you. It has a lot to do with using the burst mode on your shutter. I can’t rely on my finger pushing the shutter at the exact moment. When you get 14 images in a bit over a second, you usually find one that is near to exactly what you’re looking for. The down side is you have a huge number of photographs to review. But, it’s worth it. I’m confident that you could do the same with any action shot.

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      • John, I suspect there is a lot of information that you can find on YouTube if you get bogged down. I know I often turn to it for questions that I have. Best in adding to your growing photographic knowledge.

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      • Thanks Tim, I rarely use Youtube except for ripping music! I think the best option for me is the reading I have done, and to go the Hands On route. In time, getting the manual settings right will become second nature.

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      • Everyone has their particular learning methods. I’ve been told that you need to be able to set your camera in the dark. A challenge but I think they meant that you should know the functions of your camera without thinking. I’m still leaning that.


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