The Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco’s Famous Fog

Golden Gate Bridge in the fog
I took this photo from the top of San Francisco’s new Tunnel Top park in The Presidio – Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It’s a great place to visit.

13 Comments on “The Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco’s Famous Fog

    • Thank you, John.
      Yes we did. The 4.4 size quake was centered about 2.5 miles from where I live. It was followed in a minute by a 3.3 size after shock. The Earthquake alert went off on my phone between the two quakes. That was more scary than the quakes. It unusual to have an earthquake as close as this one. No damage to my house. Two pictures on the wall had to be straightened. During my 8 1/2 years in Taiwan, I experienced lots of quakes. Still, I’d prefer not to have them.

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      • Wow, I am glad that your home was not damaged, Tim! i have been in Las Vegas since 2013 and have not felt or experienced a quake yet. Yet!

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      • We’re pleased as well.
        The smaller earthquakes are not too difficult to take. A little shake and they’re gone. It’s the bigger ones that everyone rightfully fear. Although not too big I experienced one in Taipei while living on the top floor of a 12 story building. The building started to sway back and forth but after about 40 seconds it started going up and down. It lasted 59 seconds. The up and down bothered me the most. A Taiwanese friend was with us and she told us to open the door that led to the downstairs and out of the building. Otherwise we would have been trapped if the door had jammed shut. She had gone through the 1999 quake that destroyed buildings and killed 2400 people in Taipei. Here is link to that earthquake.

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      • Oh my gosh, I would have been totally freaking out, Tim! 12 stories up, very scary. Thanks for the link, I’m glad that you are alive!

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      • Thank you, John. It sounds worse in the telling. Unfortunately, Taiwan is located on the Pacific Ocean’s “Rim of Fire” and experiences many earthquakes. Taiwanese have learned to live with them. Most of their buildings are designed to with stand earthquakes. Most know what to do when a quake strikes.

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      • I have seen TV programs about the ring of fire, it’s a big ring. I think that China believes it owns this island too? I don’t watch the news anymore, too depressing.

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      • It is expansive with the US west coast included.
        Yes, China does think they own Taiwan. The vast majority of Taiwanese disagree. They some of the most democratically minded people in Asia. I’ve been through a couple of presidential campaigns and the enthusiasm and involvement is infectious. It’s peaceful and noisy. Almost everyone votes and it is not mandatory as in some other countries. We could learn lessons from them.

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      • Wow, that’s amazing! It sounds like we could learn from them which seems very ironic. China thinks it owns the universe, what a sad country.

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