Carrying it By

Sitting on a bench watching people walking by on a rainy day in Cambridge, MA.

7 Comments on “Carrying it By

    • Yes, that is what I did. I usually hold the camera at waist high and put the shutter on silence mode. Since I’m using a wide angle 16mm lens I don’t have to worry too much about getting everything into view. I also set the aperture to around f/14 and increase the iso to a higher level so I don’t get blurring. It seems to work pretty well.
      Thank you.

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      • Yes, it works well! Thanks, tim. I have a tiny 16-50mm lens I used on my Michigan trip last month, it’s a great little lens.

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      • That seems to be a perfect lens.
        Sitting there was a perfect opportunity to relax and think about what architectural photographs I wanted to take. MIT has one of Frank Gehry’s famous buildings that I showed earlier. I’m headed back to Boston next month and I look forward to seeing what’s new. I may try to find this bench and sit some more.

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      • It’s a great place to photograph. Yes, lots of historic events that sometimes get reenacted. Fun to shoot. There is also some new architecture that some what blends with the old. It’s worth a visit.
        My son lives there, so we are staying awhile.

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