Boat-Billed Heron

Herons are a stocky medium-sized bird. Their bills are as wide as their heads, and they have large eyes that aid in night-hunting. Their beak is very sensitive, allowing them to feel out prey in murky water. They have a dark crown and flight feathers and a light underbelly and face.
Herons have a specialized downy feather that doesn’t molt and grows continuously throughout the bird’s life. The ends break off as a powder that the heron then uses while preening to waterproof its other feathers. Franklin Park Zoo,

6 Comments on “Boat-Billed Heron

    • That it is. They are in Central and South America. I’m headed to Costa Rica in January. My wife has a 6 week residency in Uvita on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. The habitat maps for this bird show them in the area where I’ll be staying. I’ve got my fingers crossed to not only see that bird but many more.


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