Brown Tree Frog: This large 3″ tree frog was in the outdoor shower where I’m staying in Uvita, Costa Rica.

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  1. Great lighting! Is that the bamboo shower? Makes a beautiful background. I guess the frog doesn’t mind a cold shower as it is warm there?

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    • It is a bamboo enclosure. At first it was sitting on the wood plank floor and blended in so well I would have missed it had it not been for its big black eyes. It leaped to the side of the bamboo shower area.


  2. Eats mosquitoes? Peggy would be importing them by the dozens. Similar frogs hung out on my screens at night in Africa. They were attracted by the bugs that were attracted by my lights. I would often pull up a chair and watch them stalk the bugs. It was better than TV. But then, I didn’t have a TV…

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