I’ve been photographing for most of my life but became serious about photography when I went to Tanzania in 2009. While there I was asked to photograph for one of the safari resorts that have luxurious tent facilities in different safari parks throughout Tanzania. They wanted updates for their website.

Since then I continue to travel the world with my wife, Jane Ingram Allen. She is an artist, blogger, critic and curator. I am normally under contract to take photos of her art and projects that she curates and completes while doing residencies. There is also time for me to photograph subjects of my own interest. Besides the U.S.A., I’ve photographed extensively in Asia and Europe and South America.

I’m particularly interested in landscape, street and documentary photography. Although when I’m at car and airplane shows I’m particularly interested in shapes and design.

I photograph with a Canon 70D with a 16 to 300 mm Tamron lens. I also have a Sigma 18-200, a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens and Canon 18-55mm. However,the Tamron lens is my workhorse.

My photographs have appeared in numerous newspapers, art magazines, calendars and books. All the images in the book “Made In Taiwan” by Jane Ingram Allen are my images.

I had a one person exhibition at Hsuiping University in 2008, entitled “Tanzania and Taiwan: A View of Two Countries from One Pair of Eyes”. In May of 2014 I had a one person exhibition titled “Landscapes by Timothy S. Allen” held at Kun Shan Technical University, Tainan, Taiwan. This exhibition largely focused on my work from a three month stay on the central coast of Oregon. Here is the link to that exhibition https://allentimphotos2.wordpress.com/exhibitions/

I continue to show in group exhibitions and competitions. I’m an active member of the Santa Rosa Photographic Society. The Society is a member of the Northern California Council of Camera Clubs.

179 Comments on “About

  1. I was blown away with your work. You are an accomplished artist! I too am a retired teacher. Early childhood for me… Where education begins!

    • Thank you and thanks for following my blog. I’ve a fascination as well for trains and rails in general. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled on different rails in different counties. Thanks again. Continued good shooting to you.

  2. I see you notice the subtle things in life, in addition to the not so subtle. You must be in the moment much of the time with your camera. That’s how I feel. I love the way you capture interactions between people! ~Sherry

  3. Thanks for following my site. I too am retired from teaching (Humanities) but continue to do so part time online at a State College down in South Florida, although of course the beauty of the Internet is that I can be anywhere and therefore I travel frequently. Always a delight to view your images!

  4. Hi Tim…. this is wonderful… what great pictures…. i will forward your site my daughter…. that was her pic… she loves photography..
    thank you for the like… looking forward to following you…
    Happy blogging…

    • Thank you for responding to liking your daughter’s photo. I too like sunrises and sunsets.
      Also, thank you spending time wandering my blog and then following me. I’m honored.
      Best with all of your travels, blogging and just enjoying life.

  5. HI! I am also a (early) retired teacher! Photography and printmaking are passions of mine which I now have the time to support and nurture. Do you ever teach classes or travel to NYC?

    • It is nice to be retired. It allows you to do so much more or less.
      I do teach American History for Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY. That is on-line so I can be traveling anywhere I can get hooked to the Wife. I try to get to NY City at least once a year. My son lives in Boston and we visit him in the summer.

      • Fantastic. My husband also taught uni courses on-line (educational leadership) and it is a brilliant “invention”to travel the world at the same time. Brings a good life balance. We are in NYC often so please get in touch when you plan to be there again.

      • Hi Jacqueline, it does appear that we all have many commonalities. Great. We probably won’t be in New York City until August or September of next year. We’ll stay in touch. Thanks

  6. HI Timothy Thank you for the likes etc on my blog. I see you are/were an ESL teacher. I spent a few years as an ESL teacher at Universities, colleges, refugee camp and (not quite enough) freelancing. All in Australia. Bit of a shame really that I gave it up, but just had to. Time does that! haha. Great blog here mate!!

    • Paul thank you for spending your valuable time wandering my blog.
      Teaching can be all time consuming. It appears that you had diverse experiences.
      Thanks again.

      • Well I hope to spend more time here Yes I think that’s why I gave uo teaching It got tp be TOO time consuming

  7. Your work is inspirational – each image conjures up emotion and limitless inspiration. I can’ wait to explore your site in-depth. Thank you for sharing your talent and hard work!

    • Thank you Anna for your kind words. Thank you for wandering around my blog and noticing the various areas. I also appreciate you following my blog.

  8. What a wonderful life you live, adventure at every turn. You capture the world around you and all its grace and beauty masterfully.

    • Thank you. Being there is enjoyable but getting there is getting more challenging with all the security checks. You have to balance the good with….

    • Thank you so much. As much as some of us are reluctant to admit it, we all start at the beginning. Keep looking other artists’s and photographer’s work.
      Best with all of you photographic endeavors. Also thank you for following my blog.

  9. really lovely photos, I also like your ‘About’ writing partially because it is interesting but also because you wrote it in the first person rather than the third person as some people do which I think is pompous.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my site. Your photos are beautiful. Love the colors and the clarity.

    • Gina, thank you for wandering around my blog. It is greatly appreciated. I think you can tell that I have a love of colors – mostly. Sometimes it is doing a 180 with solarized images.
      Again, thanks.

  11. Amazing images with an eye for details. Thanks so much for liking one of my photos on bendbranches.com . I feel honored!

  12. You have a great eye, even greater skill. I would love to follow you around a car show sometime.

    • Gary thank you. You’re welcome anytime.
      Also thank you for following my blog.
      I’m currently at a shoot at a bridge. Trying to get the blue hour. I’ll have some of those published if they work out.

  13. Hi Tim, Thanks for following Jane’s Lens. I hope you enjoy my work. I am intrigued by your creative photography- terrific!

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