Montezuma Oropendola

This spectacular large black bird has a song that is some what of a gurgling sound like water being poured from a bottle. This one was flying from one tree to another near where I was staying in Uvita, Costa Rica. You can go to this site and click on listen to hear its song.

Two Yellow Throated Toucans

This was two of six or seven that landed in the tree across from where I’m staying at the Green Diamond in Uvita, Costa Rica.

White Ibis

I took this photo at the entrance to the mangrove swamp in the National Park Marino Ballena. It is about a mile from where I’m staying in Uvita, Costa Rica.

Paled-billed Woodpecker

The beautiful red headed woodpecker was pecking insects from the papaya tree next to where I’m staying at the Green Diamond in Uvita, Costa Risa

Great Curassow

This rare and very large game bird was almost hunted to extinction. I took this early in the morning at the Oro Verde Reserve, Costa Rica where hunting is not allowed.

Gartered Trogon

This bird was sitting on a branch in a very leafy tree. I took this at the Oro Verde Reserve on a bird watching tour in Costa Rica.

Common Tody-Flycatcher: This uncommon flycatcher just caught a flying insect and was trying to sawallow it. It did so but with its back to me. I this bird from the second story at Le Diamante Vert where I’m staying.

Macaw in Flight

Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw: This beautiful and exceptionally large bird decided to perform by hanging upside down by one leg. I’d seen these birds fly over but now seeing them close up fulfills on of my photographic goals.

Female Scarlet-rumpled Tanager gathering dead banana leaves to carry to her nest. Uvita, Costa Rica.

Grey-cowled Wood Rail was feeding on compose near the house where I’m staying in Uvita, Costa Rica.

This yellow throated Toucan was photographed near where I’m staying in Uvita, Costa Rica.