Steam Power

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Large Nest

Large Nest

The children and volunteers of Point Reyes area worked with Jane Ingram Allen to construct the large nest in the Commons and make many handmade paper feathers to line this nest. This public art project was completed on September 22, and the handmade paper feathers were tied onto the large Nest for the birds to eat.    

Small Nest Making in the Commons

Small Nests

The small nests were created with the participation of students at West Marin Elementary School and community volunteers during Jane Ingram Allen’s artist-in-residency project in Point Reyes September 5 – 25, 2013. Families, children and volunteers who visited the Point Reyes Station Commons made many small nests and handmade paper feathers to line the nests.                  

Feathers Hanging to Dry


The handmade paper feathers are made from pulp created with local plant waste materials (leaves and bark) and have seeds to feed the birds in the pulp. 7 local plants were used to make the handmade paper for this project, and the birdseeds are the blend called “No Mess” because the seeds do not sprout.  The children and adults wrote wishes for the earth…