Take in the Commons at Point Reyes Station, CA. I don’t know what’s in this woman’s purse but it looks heavy.


Off Inverness, CA

Under Construction – Expect Delays

This was taken at the Finley Community Center playground in Santa Rosa, CA. Summer road work.

A Bite

This was taken at the Finley Community Center playground in Santa Rosa, CA. The theory that an apple a day keeps the doctor away may have been tested.


Taken at Peters Valley Craft Center in the Delaware Water Gap, New Jersey.


Taken at the Folsom Blvd. Flea Market, Sacramento

Reflections on a Flea Market

Taken at the Folsom Blvd. Flea Market in Sacramento


This photo was take at Peters Valley Craft Center located in the Delaware Water Gap Recreative Area in New Jersey. The photo was part of an assignment for a photography class I was taking taught by Richard Ritter. The photo is of a sheet of rusting metal outside of the blacksmith shop.


Taken at the Folsom Blvd. Flea Market, Sacramento

Pain – Squashed

One of the ideas that came out of the photography class I took from Richard Ritter at Peters Valley Craft Center was to list topics that can be used when going out for a walk. These could include: circles, rectangles, pain, sadness, static, dynamic, etc. You cut them up into cards and put them in a bowl. I selected “Pain” today. Here is one…

Rotting Tomatoes – Black and White

I’m experimenting with taking some of my high contrast color photos and transitioning them into grey scale. This is the first one I’m working with. I always welcome criticism and comments and particularly with this and future photos that I’ve transitioned.

Blue Eyed Doll

Another found object from Brimfield Antique Festival. Her “veil” seems to fit some of the antiquated way that some women of the period dressed. I don’t think this was the intension of the seller.

Blue Grid

This photo is from a stack of carts that people use to carry groceries. They were for sale at Brimfield Antique Festival. I particularly like the grid patterns.

Guard Dog for Marbles

Another Brimfield Antique Festival photo.

Unknown Object

I don’t know what it is but it looks formidable. Hint, I found it on a pier in Boston Harbor. Anyone have any ideas?


Here are some objects I found at the Brimfield Antique Festival. It was a point where the sun was bright and their reflections caught my eye. I did not touch them so the composition was as the seller laid them out.

Bodiless Mannequins Waiting for the Wrecker

This was shot at the Brimfield Antique Festival. I don’t think it was a high priority to sell these but it was a great photo opportunity. Also I don’t think these heads would have matched too well with the mannequin bodies from the previous uploaded photo. This will also go into my found object series.

Ready for the Trash

I was at the Brimfield Antique Festival and there were few opportunities to shoot. It was when I got away from the major furniture area that I started seeing interesting objects. It was nice because it gave me a chance to focus and frame the objects. These two mannequins were found at a antique shop near the festival. If you look closely, you see…