Three Skittish Elk

The elk herd was right below the Sitka Drive on a large grassy field. I got better shots from sitting in the car rather than standing in the open.

Elk Mooning the Photographer

I finally got to see a herd of elk up close and this is what I got.

Visit to the Salmon River Fish Hatchery

We recently visited the Oregon State Fish Hatchery in Otis, Oregon. This hatchers has a salmon run. It was fascinating watching these Coco Salmon jump. I’ve seen fish jump but not with such instinctual dedication.

Sitka Spruce Forest

I took this a couple of days ago in the Suislaw National Forest between Lincoln City and Neskowin, Oregon. This 50-year growth followed the 1962 Columbus Day wind storm called the Big Blow that blew down the trees here. The trees from the Big Blow were salvage-logged, and natural seeding took place. This forest had an eerie quality to it with almost no large…

Tanzania - Serengeti


I’m generally not a nature photographer. Some of these photos were taken on safari while in Tanzania. The others were taken when I saw something interesting.  When I see other photographers carrying  huge lenses and tripods, I suspect that they are out trying to find that elusive bird that few have seen. Since I mostly shoot with a 18 – 200 mm lens, I…

Moss Everywhere

On our outing we came across a section of the forest where the moss seemed to cover everything. It was as if the world had turned a fuzzy green.