So Good!

This photo was taken at a local festivals where they were selling huge barbecued pork or beef hocks. This man seems to throughly enjoying his. For those of us who are vegetarians it was not all that appealing. However, I could not miss this photo.

Orange on Blue

Taken in front of Boomerangs on Centre St in Jamaica Plain, MA.

Red White and Blue

Taken in front of City Feed in Jamaica Plain, MA

Prayer Flags – Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts

The prayer flags are in the Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Family Courtyard dinning area of the MFA. They are in memory of those who lost their lives and were injured in the Boston bombing. The individual flags are made by quilter from all over the world. It is titled “To Boston With Love”. I’d seen the prayer flags in many places in Asia….

Six Buildings Deep Challenge – Boston’s Beacon Hill

This photo challenged me to gain a perspective that was six building in depth. Part of the challenge was to establish a correct vertical line and then work around that. It appears that other vertical lines to the left and right of center are not straight and the horizontal lines are definitely not straight. When we look at such a scene with both our…

Boston’s Beacon Hill

This photo was taken on the African Heritage Trail in Boston’s Beacon Hill area. These buildings appear to be crammed together but in reality they have a lot more frontal space. I was partly fascinated with the rounded nature of these buildings.

Beacon Hill – Grill Work and Shadows

This photo was taken on the Black Heritage Trail in Boston’s Beacon Hill area. I took the tour at 12:30 and the sun was high and very bright. I like this photo but it is extremely complicated with the grill work, a window and shadows. As always, I welcome your critical comments.

Waiting – Hot Shave or Tattoo?

I took this photo in the North End of Boston today. It really does not fit into my abstract assignment but I could not miss the shot.

Sunlit Hair – 2nd Photo in the Assignment for Abstract

This is the 2nd in the series of photos to complete the assignment for abstract.

Boxes in Blue – Abstract Assignment

Well I finally selected the next assignment. I was in Brattleboro, Vt the last couple of days attending the opening of the juried photo exhibition, “Phonetography” at the Vermont Center for Photography where I have two photographs. So today I made a random selection and it was abstract. I hope this and the ones following are more exciting than the “pain” assignment. They are…

Climb – 3rd in the Pain Assignment

This image is the 3rd and last in the pain series assignment. You sure don’t want to climb over and slip.

Ouch – 2nd Photo in the Pain Series Assignment

This is the second in the series on pain that I started yesterday. I selected a topic at random for a set of topics written on cards. Although this was the first time I’d done this, it seems like a good way to focus. I’ve not picked todays topic as it is raining outside. It is suppose to clear up this afternoon.

Pain – Squashed

One of the ideas that came out of the photography class I took from Richard Ritter at Peters Valley Craft Center was to list topics that can be used when going out for a walk. These could include: circles, rectangles, pain, sadness, static, dynamic, etc. You cut them up into cards and put them in a bowl. I selected “Pain” today. Here is one…

Ice But No Water

I was ready to leave City Feed, a store in Jamaica Plain, MA and wanted to get some water for my glass. This sign caught my eye. Is Jamaica Plain running out of water?

What’s Left

This photo along with the previous one was selected for the Phonetography exhibit at the Vermont Center for Photography. This cell phone picture was taken in Taichung, Taiwan. I had just finished a bowl of seafood noodles and this is what remained in my bowl. Hello Kitty is very popular in Taiwan. Here is the link to the exhibit. It will open August…


This photo along with the next one was selected for the Phonetography exhibit at the Vermont Center for Photography. This cell phone picture was taken in Taichung, Taiwan. As you can see from the photograph there did seem to be much of value to the car. Here is the link to the exhibit.

Locked and No

This photo was taken at Peters Valley Crafts Center near the blacksmith studio. I like playing with words in a effort to truncate and/or partially show them. This is the case with this sign. The full sign reads No Smoking.

Grinding Hands

This is another in the series of photographs on hands. It shows one of the people in the Peters Valley Craft Center’s blacksmith shop class grinding a blade.

Plastic Gloves

The children were told to put on plastic gloves to help wash the fabric used for the Cyanotype technique by artist Ya Chu Kang. To do the Cyanotype she had the children put their hands on the material along with their favorite toys. Once the material is exposed to the sun it turns blue. The material that was protected by the children’s hands or…

Holding Hands

This photo was taken in Arusha, Tanzania. It was out side a church after one of the children were baptized.