Yellow Blue Red

Taken at a nearby festival. This couple asking questions of the person at the Information booth seemed to be dressed in two of the three primary colors. The yellow flowers completed the trio of primary colors. I don’t often find this combination in street photography

Grey and Blond

Taken at a nearby festival. There were many interesting animals at the festival. This is a close up of a draft horse. There were two horses there. I believe that they are called a Stonewall Draft horse.

Red White Blue Yellow

Taken at the entrance to Kaiser Permanente Health Center in Pleasanton California. This sidewalk, street and curb combination caught my eye this morning. I want back later to take about 10 photos from different angles. This is a real advantage when not shooting street photography

Green on Hand

Taken at a nearby festival. This is the hand of a wood carver. He carves small pieces of wood into bird wings. His hands indicate that he has been at this for quite sometime.

Red & Blond

Taken at a nearby festival. This was one of those chance shots that seemed to work. I did some cropping as I wanted a more focused photo.

Red Meat

Taken at a nearby festival. These big hunks of meat were barbecuing. An earlier photo uploaded my blog showed a person enjoying huge mouthfuls of cooked meat. He seemed to be enjoying it.

Running Red

Taken at a nearby festival. This was one of many steam engines that were at this festival. They popped, snorted and whirled.

Tan, Black and Reflection

Taken at a nearby festival. Hats of different styles and colors seemed to worn with abandonment at the festival. This one caught my eye first because of its weave and then the reflection in his glasses.

Red, Green, Yellow

Taken and eaten at a nearby festival. These bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches were cooking on a large grill. The double decker sandwiches were very good. Plus they were made from local products.

Rainbow Hoola Hoops

Taken at a nearby festival. There were colors everywhere at this festival, including spinning ones. These were waiting for someone to try to keep them spinning above waist level.

Rainbow Bubbles

More bubbles from a festival nearby. These bubbles are a creation of the BubbleSmith.

Rainbow Colors

Taken at a nearby festival. One of the fun things at the festival was Sterling the BubbleSmith. He was creating wonderful, huge and creative bubbles. I’ll try to add some additional photos later. Not an advertisement for him but if you want a splendid event for children and adults, you can contact Sterling Johnson at

Black and White

Taken at a nearby festival. Some animals are bright like the macaw but others are just black and white. This cow was being held and milked as the Dairy Princess talked about cows and the benefits of milk. What do think the cow was contented?

Red, Yellow, Blue

Taken at a nearby festival. This is a close up the macaw that I took previously. The reds and other colors are very intense.

Green on Blue

Taken at a nearby festival. This festival had displays of animals including this macaw. I found the layering of feathers to be visually more interesting than the whole bird.

Purple and P… P……

Taken at a nearby festival near the port-a-potties. My wife, Jane Ingram Allen caught the writing on this man’s T-shirt, “Prune Packers”. The shirt had to be purple to give it the full impact. Oh, the clothes people wear to a festival.

Green and Yellow

Taken just before leaving the festival. As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed seeing what people were wearing – hats, clothes, and in this case glasses.

Flowers and Hats

This was taken at a nearby festival. I really enjoyed the hats and clothes that were worn by many who were there.

So Good!

This photo was taken at a local festivals where they were selling huge barbecued pork or beef hocks. This man seems to throughly enjoying his. For those of us who are vegetarians it was not all that appealing. However, I could not miss this photo.

Orange on Blue

Taken in front of Boomerangs on Centre St in Jamaica Plain, MA.