This photograph was taken in January 2009 in an open air market near Li Jiang, Yunnan, China.

Red Grey

This was taken in Glen Ellen, CA., a beautiful village in Northern California. The red of the crepe myrtle and the old fashion street lamp caught my eye.

Lit Joe’s

This is another Art Deco building along Del Paso Boulevard in Sacramento. Lit Joe’s maybe a all night diner. I had breakfast there while taking a break from photographing. Nice friendly people who either get up early or who stay up all night. Lit Joe’s has been there since the 1954. Their sign on the roof rotates but not in a complete circle. It…


I went to my brother-in-law’s in Sacramento to visit and to take photos of the North Sacramento area. This picture of the bowling alley is on Del Paso Boulevard. The area has a number of art deco buildings. Taken at about 7:00 in the morning, the light had a differs quality. The pigeons were a problem by sitting on the sign and flying at…

Red White Blue Yellow

Taken at the entrance to Kaiser Permanente Health Center in Pleasanton California. This sidewalk, street and curb combination caught my eye this morning. I want back later to take about 10 photos from different angles. This is a real advantage when not shooting street photography


I’m digging into my archives. This was taken in front of the Fine Arts Museum in Taichung, Taiwan. Lots of people gather here to enjoy talking and playing. It has alway been a great place for taking photos of people.