Back Lit Cormorants

Taken at sunset on the beach in Lincoln City, OR. Light was the key factor here. I did not have enough light in the foreground so it became necessary to silhouette the birds.

Pumpkin Picking Time

My two granddaughters with their pumpkins.


There were a few times when we did not have visitors making nests or paper feathers. Jane Ingram Allen’s project will include the feathers having been made being attached to the large nest in the Commons and to small nests that will be sited in trees along Route One in Point Reyes Station. The small nests are also created by the students during Jane…

Panoramic – Early Morning

This is the panoramic version of the photo “Early Morning” that was upload here previously.

Greens’s View

We had dinner last night in Greens Restaurant at Fort Mason, San Francisco. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge was wonderful.


This was taken early in the morning off the community of Inverness, CA

A Bite

This was taken at the Finley Community Center playground in Santa Rosa, CA. The theory that an apple a day keeps the doctor away may have been tested.

Checking the Blade Handle

This photo was taken of the blacksmith shop instructor Matthew Parkinson who was teaching a Bladesmithing at Peters Valley Craft Center.

Reflections on Wine

This was taken at a friends house in the early evening. Our host had poured the wine and the reflective light coming through their big picture glass windows onto the top of the wine drew my eye.

Yellow Orange Blue

This was taken at a car show in Santa Rosa, CA.

The Race

This was taken at my granddaughter’s birthday party. It has been juried into the 3rd Annual Mobile Phone Images Juried Show at Gallery NRC in Denver, Colorado. In addition the photograph “Trusted” of the car with the padlocks on the doors was also accepted. That Image has already been shown in this blog. Emily’s blue lips are from sucking on a blue popsicle.


This photo was take at Peters Valley Craft Center located in the Delaware Water Gap Recreative Area in New Jersey. The photo was part of an assignment for a photography class I was taking taught by Richard Ritter. The photo is of a sheet of rusting metal outside of the blacksmith shop.


I went to my brother-in-law’s in Sacramento to visit and to take photos of the North Sacramento area. This picture of the bowling alley is on Del Paso Boulevard. The area has a number of art deco buildings. Taken at about 7:00 in the morning, the light had a differs quality. The pigeons were a problem by sitting on the sign and flying at…

Orange on Blue

Taken in front of Boomerangs on Centre St in Jamaica Plain, MA.

Red White and Blue

Taken in front of City Feed in Jamaica Plain, MA

Locked and No

This photo was taken at Peters Valley Crafts Center near the blacksmith studio. I like playing with words in a effort to truncate and/or partially show them. This is the case with this sign. The full sign reads No Smoking.


I’m digging into my archives. This was taken in front of the Fine Arts Museum in Taichung, Taiwan. Lots of people gather here to enjoy talking and playing. It has alway been a great place for taking photos of people.

Pizza Chef – Color

Here is the color photograph that I took of the pizza chef that worked at the location where my wife Jane Ingram Allen had a month long residency. He was so used to my taking his picture that he began to ignore me. That is exactly what I wanted.

Ready for the Trash

I was at the Brimfield Antique Festival and there were few opportunities to shoot. It was when I got away from the major furniture area that I started seeing interesting objects. It was nice because it gave me a chance to focus and frame the objects. These two mannequins were found at a antique shop near the festival. If you look closely, you see…

Rotting Tomatoes

Occasionally we find objects in the street that are disgusting and at the same time beautiful. This was the case for me when I saw these rotting tomatoes. They had been there a couple of days without being squished by cars. The sun was just right when I saw them again and I went to get my camera. When I returned the sun had…