Top of a Dresser

Taken at Jack London State Park in Glen Ellen, CA. This was what was on the top of the dresser in one of the bedrooms of Jack London’s house.

What Is She Looking For?

Taken at the Folsom Flea Market in Sacramento.

Red White Blue Yellow

Taken at the entrance to Kaiser Permanente Health Center in Pleasanton California. This sidewalk, street and curb combination caught my eye this morning. I want back later to take about 10 photos from different angles. This is a real advantage when not shooting street photography


This photo was taken outside of the blacksmith shop at Peters Valley Craft Center. It turned out to be a wonderful area for shooting.


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been taking a photography class at Peters Valley Craft Center taught by Richard Ritter. Today’s assignment was to take photos of water. I found a rock to sit on, put my Canon D600 on a tripod set low to the water and set to Live View Mode so I could see the water through the LCD monitor. I then…

Eating Lunch

I took this photo at Peters Valley Crafts Center where my wife, Jane Ingram Allen is teaching a class in sculptural paper making. I’m taking a photography class taught by Richard Ritter with a focus on composition. Although this was not part of an assignment I could not miss the opportunity of taking the photo with so many highlights.

New York City Parking Garage

I took this photo from the High Line in Chelsea. I found it interesting because of the depth of cars vertically and horizontally.

Man’s tenderest name is called ” Father”

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  I took this photo when my friend is helping his daughter to put on the suntan lotion, I felt so touched. nothing but LOVE.  

Point Reyes Lighthouse Light

Lighthouse light was a beautiful series of prisms.


This was taken in the glass studio at Peters Valley Craft Center in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area on open studio night July 19, 2013. The class is, “Beyond the Mandrel: Flameworked Sculpture and Jewelry” taught by Amber Cowan.

Making Paper with Golden Water

I’ve been at Peter’s Valley Crafts Center in the Delaware Gap National Recreation Area. My wife Jane Ingram Allen is teaching a paper making class that covers paper making around the world. This photo was taken in the evening as the sun was setting and the light from the setting sun was streaming in the window and lighted the water that was falling through…

Gum on a Face Ad – Full View

This is the full view of what I just uploaded. The last one was a close up of the photo. This image was taken at Glen Head on the Long Island Railroad platform. I realize that this is a bit odd but….