Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pilgram Congrational Church

Frank Lloyd Wright designed building
This building was designed by Wright in 1958 shortly before his death. It was completed in 1963. It is located in Redding, California.

Two Trees, Many Rocks, and A Flag

Two oak trees on a hill
A beautiful day at the end of the north fork of San Antonio Road, Petaluma California.

Shade Tree

Shade Tree with cattle
Shade on a hot day. I St Extension, Petaluma California.

All Leading to a resting cow

resting cow, oak tree and gully on a hillside
At the end of San Antonio Road in Petaluma California.


tree bent over
A California live oak tree bent over against a golden field of grass.


Birkenstock building
The Birkenstock building was originally the McCraw-Hill Distribution Center. It opened in 1983. The architect is John Savage Bolles, and Associates.

Bringing a Small Fish Home

Osprey flying with fish to nest
The osprey parent is bringing a fish for its fledgling to practice carrying. The fish is small complete with its head. My last posting had the fledgling flying above the nest with the fish in its talons.

Learning to fly with a fish

Trying to fly
This fledgling osprey has picked up the fish that its mother has dropped in the nest and trying to fly with it – all part of the learning process.

Another Type of Bird

airplane at sunset
This war bird is displayed, just south of Mojave, California at the Mojave Air and Space Port entrance.

Enjoying the View

Crane Cove Park, Dogpatch, San Francisco, CA

Here’s Looking at You

3 osprey sitting in their nest
Father and two fledglings osprey in their nest.

Testing its wings

Osprey fledgling testing its wings
This fledgling osprey is testing its wings. They are getting closer to flying. I took this 7-14-2022.

Both Kicking

Cowboy having fallen off bucking bull.
Russian River Rodeo


Horse bucking and potentially trampling its rider
It appears that this cowboy is going to get trampled by the bucking bronco he had just been trying to ride. Russian River Rodeo.

Preparing to Ride

Preparing to ride a bronco
This cowboy with a tie is preparing to ride this bronco. Russian River Rodeo


Osprey landing
This osprey is landing into the wind. By spreading its wings, it creates drag to slow down. Too much drag would make it suddenly drop. So, it opens its wing feathers to allow enough air to pass through to land correctly.

Bringing a Fish

Osprey flying in with a fish
These osprey eyases are growing in size and hunger. One of the eyases seems to be expressing need when seeing its father landing with a fish in its talons.

A Well trained horse

Horse comes to a stop as part of calf roping.
After roping the calf, this cowboy’s horse has come to a complete stop. This allows the rope that is connected to the calf to become taut. The cowboy can then capture, flip over the calf and tie its legs together in a minimal time.

Still Competing

barrel racing
This cowgirl is 72 years old and still competing in barrel racing at the Russian River Rodeo. Looking closely, it appears that the horse is blind in its left eye.


bucking bronco
This cowboy is determined to stay on this bucking bronco for the required 8 seconds to qualify for prize money and a belt buckle. Unfortunately, he did not make it. Taken at the Russian River Rodeo

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