Oregon Coastline

from Cape Lookout Road Central Oregon Coast November 10, 2013

from Cape Lookout Road, Central Oregon Coast, November 10, 2013.

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Rainy Oregon Coast

A Rainy Day on the Central Oregon Coast. I’m experimenting with NIK software which I download a trial version. In this picture I’m trying to get a slightly grainy look – maybe too much. As always, I welcome your thoughts and criticisms. Below is the link to a similar image taken at about the same time.


Red Yellow

Sunset at Cascade Head

I wanted to return to the sunset of January 2, 2014 taken overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Salmon River Estuary. I’m now back in Santa Rosa, California and it is a gray day and raining lightly. This image will brighten my day and hopefully yours, if you need it.

The Look

Elk looking sternly-1949

They came back into the field below the Sitka Center to say goodbye to us since we are leaving tomorrow.


running on the beach





Someone left this creature on the concrete barrier at the end of Savage Road in the Cascade Head Ranch. The road dead ends at the Salmon River Estuary. I image that the person who left this figure wanted it to look out on the beautiful Salmon River Estuary as it leads out to the Pacific Ocean. If you look back on my blog posting you will see some of those landscapes.

Central Oregon Coast Sunset


Taken at the corner of Ridge Road and Savage Road on the Cascade Head Ranch, Otis, Oregon

Central Oregon Coast Sunset


Taken at the corner of Ridge Road and Savage Road on the Cascade Head Ranch, Otis, Oregon



Launching New Year’s Wishes on the Salmon River

Orange lights launching

First launch of the orange New Year’s wishes boats in to the Salmon River Estuary.

Orange lights launching

Launchers watching their orange New Year’s wishes boats being launched into the Salmon River at the Cascade Head Ranch Boat House boat ramp.

Orange lights launching

First boats floating down the Salmon River toward the ocean.

Orange lights launching

More New Year’s wishes boats being launched.

Orange lights launching

Final group of New Year’s wishes boats floating down the Salmon River toward the ocean.

Note: This was my first effort at shooting night photos without a flash and it was fun.

Happy New Year to everyone.





Making New Year’s Orange Float Boats






Making New Years Orange Boats

These orange boats were carved out, a wick added and salad oil added as fuel. They were then taken down to the Salmon River Estuary lit and launched after sunset to send out New Year’s wishes on the Salmon River.

Making New Years Orange Boats

Making New Years Orange Boats



Making new years orange boats

Making New Years Orange Boats

making new years orange boats


Beached Boats

Beached Boats

Green on Blue

moss and tree

Walking the lower end of the Cascade Head Trail, Central Oregon Coast.





Dark to Light

View of ocean still snowing

Central Oregon Coast. It still seems to be snowing out on the big rock by the ocean but sunny were I was standing.



This is my first adventure into HDR.




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