Rufous Hummingbird

I took this hummingbird picture feeding in my backyard.


little flower with raindrops.
I found this little flower growing in some grass in one of my neighborhood parkways. The raindrops seemed to glisten, and the petals are translucent.


Garden Pansy
I photographed this garden pansy with raindrops using my iPhone RX while walking in my neighborhood.

Rain Drops

Red Rose with rain drops
Finally, Northern California is getting some rain. Its droplets enhance the beauty of the spring flowers found in people’s yards.

California Poppy

Yellow Poppy
This flower taken on a light pad using a focus rail. There were about 25 images taken to get the entire flower in focus. The poppy is from my yard in Sonoma County, California


Irris flower
This beautiful flower was photographed on a light table with a focus rail. It consists of about 25 exposures. The flower was cut from my yard in Santa Rosa, California


Camellia flower
This beautiful flower comes from a camellia tree in a park where I walk.

Tulip Beauty

Tulip flower
This flower is about 2″/5cm from the tips of its petals to the base the petals. I took 50 photographs using a focus rail to move a short distance for each image to assure that the entire flower was in focus. I used Photoshop to stack the 50 photos.

Apple Tree Blossoms

apple blossoms
This tree grows in our backyard. It produces golden delicious apples that are wonderful.

Lenton Rose

This rose is aging but still beautiful. It is another flower from my sister-in-law’s yard.


Aphids on a rose.
Aphids have invaded this rose. Ants will follow.

Bird of Paradise

This beautiful flower is growing in my sister in law’s yard

Flowers on a Sonoma County Beach

Ice plant blooming on a Sonoma County beach
“From Our Walls” is a Santa Rosa Photographic Society exhibition at the Steele Lane Community Center, 415 Steele Ln, Santa Rosa, CA. The show opens on December 3 and closes on January 28. The Center is open Monday – Friday from 9 am – 5 pm. I have two additional photographs in this exhibition.

Aging Tulip

Tulip Blooming
One of a few growing in my yard. Focus stacking with two images.

Gamba Winery – Springtime

winery building with flowers in the vineyard
One of the many Sonoma County, California wineries. It has beautiful grounds with white daisies and yellow mustard flowers growing among the vines.

Vineyards Along W. Dry Creek Rd.

vines, fruit trees, mustard on a hillside
Flowering mustard and fruit trees among dormant zinfandel vines make up the beauty found in Sonoma Wine Country.

Attempting to Land on a Persian Cornflower

Flower and Bees
This image was taken at Bees and Bloom a park and garden in Santa Rosa, California


Macro flower
This is a very small echinacea (cone flower) bloom. The image is an example of photo stacking. It used 19 photos stacked together to increase depth of field. It was one of my first efforts to use a new focusing rail and macro reverse adapter. The adapter reverses a lens to create a macro lens.

A Buckeye Butterfly on a Celosia Plant

butterfly and flower
This image was taken at Bees and Bloom a park and garden in Santa Rosa, California

Yellow Crab Spider on a Strawflower

A yellow crab  spider on a strawflower
This image was taken at Bees and Bloom a park and garden in Santa Rosa, California
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