Big Cats Lick their Paws Too

Franklin Park Zoo, Boston, MA.

I’m Tired

A lion at the Franklin Park Zoo, Boston, MA

My Foots Different than Yours

We use our big toes to give us balance when we walk. Apes use their counter-opposing big toes to grab branches when in trees. Scientists believe that our big toe was the last to evolve. Here is a BBC article you might find interesting Franklin Park Zoo, Boston, MA.

Cleaning my Tail

Giraffes take advantage of their long tongues. Franklin Park Zoo, Boston, MA.

Boat-Billed Heron

Herons are a stocky medium-sized bird. Their bills are as wide as their heads, and they have large eyes that aid in night-hunting. Their beak is very sensitive, allowing them to feel out prey in murky water. They have a dark crown and flight feathers and a light underbelly and face.
Herons have a specialized downy feather that doesn’t molt and grows continuously throughout the bird’s life. The ends break off as a powder that the heron then uses while preening to waterproof its other feathers. Franklin Park Zoo,

Red Crested Tucaro

Franklin Park Zoo, Boston, MA.
The red-crested turaco is a turaco, a group of African Otidimorphae birds. It is a frugivorous bird endemic to western Angola. Its call sounds somewhat like a jungle monkey. Wikipedia


After drinking water. Franklin Park Zoo, Boston, MA

Drinking Water

How does a giraffes get the water from it’s mouth to its stomach 10 or more feet away. According to the article, “How Do Giraffes Drink Water” in Inside Science. A biological plunger pump is used. “In the model proposed by the researchers, the giraffe’s lips form one valve of the “pump” while the animal’s epiglottis, located at the back of the mouth, is the other. To start, the giraffe sinks its puckered lips into the water and then pulls back its jaw, allowing water to rush into the mouth while keeping the epiglottis “valve” closed. Next, the giraffe clenches its lips, relaxes the epiglottis, and pumps its jaw so that the captured water is pushed into the esophagus.” Here is the link to the article:
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