Taiwan Puff Car – Front and side

Taiwan Puff Car - Front and side

Jane and I were walking back from shopping and saw five cars, each representing different characters that included two with characters Japanese animation, one with Hello Kitty, and the last two as Winnie the Pooh and the Pink Panther. I don’t know the character depicted on this care but it was the most complete. The owner had done a wonderful job transforming his Suzuki into an entirely new life. These all showed a true dedication of love.

Taiwan Puff Car – Back and Side

Taiwan Puff Car - Back and Side

This shows the wonderful character painted on the side of the car. It is very apparent that the owners of these cars put a huge amount of time and love into their cars. It must take a vast amount of money but it really shows.

Taiwan Puff Car Dashboard

Taiwan Puff Car Dashboard

This is the photo of the dashboard for this car.

Taiwan Puff Car – with Tail Gate Open Showing Sound System

Taiwan Puff Car - with Tail Gate Open Showing Sound System

This car had a full blown sound system. It really added to the visuals. The following is a video of the car and its interior. The video takes some time to load. Sorry for that.


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