Dragon Fly landed on a textured barn siding. Peters Valley School of Crafts, Layton, NJ. July 29, 2013

Dragon Fly landed on a textured barn siding. Peters Valley School of Crafts, Layton, NJ. July 29, 2013.

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Crafting Glass

Peters Valley School of Crafts Layton, New Jersey July 20, 2013

Peters Valley School of Crafts Layton, New Jersey July 20, 2013

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Descent Into a Hallway –

Blue White

Stool Top

Stool Top

The photo was taken in the blacksmith’s shop at Peters Valley Craft Center. It looks as if it has had a lot of rough sitting.

Two Carvers

Two Carvers

This photo is of two carvers in Joe Pisano class on carving. It was taken at Peters Valley Craft Center. The carver on the left is showing the other carver an article about his son that had appeared in American Craft.

Wood Carver

Wood Carver

This photo of Joe Pisano was taken a Peters Valley Craft Center. Here is what Peters Valley put on their bio of him.
Al Pisano is a dimensional artist who creates his art through carving or sculpting. As a graduate of the prestigious School of Industrial Arts in New York City, Al started his career in NYC advertising and eventually formed his own Graphic Design company. After a trip to Italy in the 1970’s, Al was inspired to try his hand at carving and felt so passionate about carving and sculpting that he completely changed his art business to producing dimensional art. Al has created logos for companies such as Paul Masson, Burger King, Pepperidge Farms, Alaska Airlines and hundreds of book covers. In 1992 he started a new company producing home decor and gift items with his business partner Kay Coulter. They have worked with major catalog companies and other retailers to produce unique and exclusive items from Al’s designs–carved and sculpted. All the manufacturing of these items is done in their factory in Miami Fl and under the supervision of Al. Kay and Al continue to operate their production facility in Miami–supervising all the reproductions of Al’s artwork. Unlike other companies that moved all their production facilities to Asia, Kay and Al have kept their production here in the US so they could provide top notch quality and customer service.
Plus Joe’s a nice guy.

High Deteriorating Wall

High Deteriorating Wall

This photo was taken in the narrow entry way of the church. The church is located in the cemetery where “Fallen” was taken. It was part of our photo assignment and it was challenging because I had about a meter of space from the front wall to the entrance. The deteriorated part of the wall was at an angle and opposite the window that was in a previous photography. Both were above me. I did some post production that include reducing shadows and cropping.

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