A neighbor’s display.

Feeding Time

Song Sparrow feeding a fledgling.
The song sparrow parent is feeding a fledgling while the other seems to patiently wait. This family has been landing in my window feeder. One of the fledglings appears to be learning how to eat on its own. Maybe the parent will finally have some peace, and quiet.

Unruly Child, Stop Arguing With Your Sister and Get Off My Back

This song sparrow family landed outside my kitchen window. The two fledgling siblings seem to be arguing about who gets fed by their parent. The difficulty is that one fledgling is standing on the parent’s back. Santa Rosa, CA

Intensely Watching

3 black crown heron babies watching
These three black-crowned heron seem to be intently watching the other activities in their W. 9th Street rookery. Santa Rosa, CA

Catching Itself After Falling

A fledging snowy egret catches itself after a fall.
This fledgling snowy egret was trying to fly from branch to branch when I saw it fall. It successfully grabbed long stringy branches that hang down from the eucalyptus tree where they nest. It slowly made its way up to higher branches. I photographed this bird at the W. 9th St. rookery in Santa Rosa, CA.

Running out of Room

red shouldered baby hawk spreading its wings.
This red-shouldered hawk eyat is spreading its wings. It is still too young to fly. An adult’s wingspan is 40″/101 cm. The nest size is 16″ to 24″/40 cm to 60 cm across. I took this photo in Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rosa, California.

Red-Shouldered Hawk and Eyas

Red-shouldered hawk and two babies.
The adult is the same one that I showed close up yesterday. I did not see the adult bring any food. Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rose, CA.

REd-Shouldered Hawk

Red-shouldered hawk sitting on a tree branch
This is one of the two nesting adults sitting on a branch about 30 ft / 9m away. I was in Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rosa, California.

A Steller Jay and a Meal

Steller Jay with an insect.
I did not realize that we had these beautiful steller jays in Sonoma County. I took this photo at the Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rosa, CA.

Three Siblings

3 black crown herons
These three black crown herons chicks seem to be checking out the rest of the birds at the W. 9th St. rookery in Santa Rosa California.

Flying in

red-shouldered hawk landing
This red-shouldered hawk is returning to its nest to care for the two eyas. I took this photo in the Spring Lake Regional Park in Santa Rosa, California.

Turning Away

Anna's Hummingbird flying away
This Anna’s hummingbird had been at a feeder when it turned and began flying off. Their speed can be as high as 61 mph or 27 meters per second.

A Family Portrait

three eyat egrets and one adult
This family of snowy egrets are in one of the W. 9th Street rookery’s eucalyptus trees. Santa Rosa, California.

Two Very Active Cattle Egret Chicks

A parent is not in the nest The nest is usually 7″ to 24″ across. I took this photo at the W. 9th St. rookery in Santa Rosa, CA.

Leaving the Nest

Red-shouldered hawk flying away from its nest.
This red-shouldered hawk is leaving the nest. If you look closely you can see a fuzzy head of an eyas above the edge of the nest. I took this picture at Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rosa, CA.

A New Eyas in the Red-Shouldered Hawk’s Nest

baby red shouldered hawk
There is an additional baby hawk called an eyas in this nest. It cannot be seen in this photograph. I took this photo on 5-11-2022 at the Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rosa, California.

Rufous Hummingbird

I took this hummingbird picture feeding in my backyard.

“Mom, Happy Mother’s Day”

2 snowy egrets with their mother.
Two snowy egrets are in their nest with their mother. This photo was taken at the W. 9th Street rookery in Santa Rosa, California.

Black Crown Heron Demanding Food

Black Crown Heron hatchling demand food.
This chick is less than a week old, and is demanding. This photo was taken, at the W. 9th St. rookery in Santa Rosa, California.

Red Shouldered Hawk

Checking its surroundings. This photo was taken at Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rosa, CA.
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